Oct 7

Single Mom with Low Self Esteem

The following is a true account of a client that completed 4 transformational SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Building online sessions.

Overview: 32 year old woman going through a disruptive and intense breakup with her toddler's father restores her self-confidence and strengthens her maternal bond.

Problems & Symptoms

  • Unmarried, unemployed, and struggling through an emotionally intense break up with her daughter's father
  • Worn down from abusive relationship choices
  • Wounded relationship with her own mother and grandmother
  • No resources for a tangible strong, positive, feminine role model
  • Sad, confused, emotionally labile, insecure, and overwhelmed

Treatment Before SLIP-Emotional Resilience Building

  • In-person couples therapy
  • In-person talk therapy

SLIP Emotional Resilience Building Experience

  • 4 unmedicated online sessions
  • Resolved core belief and emotional wounds

Transformational Moments

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Cleared emotional brain fog
  • Increased awarenes of her unique feminine strengths
  • Strenghtened maternal insight and bonding
  • Identified key errors in partner identification
  • Recovered from her "broken heart"

  • Able to identify a healthy relationsip partner, and establish a strong foundation for a safe relationship
  • Lasting insights, no longer needing therapy

A Word About Heart Break

In our model, "heart break" is not the focus of the sessions. It is a symptom of impact of unresolved emotional wounds caused by painful emotional experiences in relationship with partners. By helping clients heal their deep emotional wounds, they move beyond the limitations and stigma associated with their clinical diagnoses and previously unresolved hurt feelings. When clients no longer feel bad because of intense sadness, anxiety, isolation and self-criticism, they become more grounded, confident, connected, and able to create a life they enjoy.
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