Resolve the negative self-talk and deep emotional wounds that keep you stuck.

With SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching

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SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching is the fastest way to resolve the overwhelm that keeps you stuck.

Increase Your Emotional Resilience

We're dedicated to helping you unleash your inner strength and thrive in the face of life's challenges.  Our Somatic Resilience Coaching is designed to empower you with tools that bridge the gap between mind, body and emotion, nurturing a holistic sense of wellbeing. 
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Unlock your body's innate ability to heal and thrive.
SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches are here to guide you on a transformative journey towards a balanced, vibrant, and resilient life.

Most of our clients have tried everything to end the misery of negative thought loops and persistent sadness, fear, and anger.

Despite the time and money spent, they still get triggered and feel stuck.
SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching gets lasting results because we help you resolve your deep emotional wounds, so you can be more resilient, clear headed, confident, and creative. 
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Safe, legal, stigma-free, resilience building sessions in the comfort of your home. 

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Find out how emotionally resilient you are.
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*Must be legal where you live
**Must be prescribed by a physician


Our Approach is Holistic and Integrative 

Many of our clients have tried everything, including IV ketamine, talk therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, traditional medication, and more, but find themselves stuck and easily triggered, and suffering with internal conflicts, increasing isolation, and negative thought loops caused by their unresolved emotional wounds.

The holistic approach taken by SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches creates a safe environment for even the most resistant clients to explore, discover and practice new ways of addressing their emotional wounds, helping them find effective ways to heal deep emotional and self-empathy wounds and achieve lasting emotional wellness and increased resilience.  
SLIP™ somatic resilience coaches do not diagnose or treat, they help you understand and navigate your five core emotional states to build balance and resilience, using a unique (patent pending) embodied learning technique for lasting results.
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With SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching, you can:

Resolve anger, rage, guilt and shame

Experience transformational emotional healing so that you no longer need to focus your energy on coping and affirmations

Strengthen Your Nervous System

Effects of therapy continue after the session as your nervous system integrates and learns from the session

Reduce and eliminate triggers 

Triggers resolve with deep healing of core belief wounds, attachment wounds, early childhood developmental wounds, and trauma associated survival responses

Restore healthy boundaries

Confidence in setting boundaries can be life changing for individuals who have previously felt powerless or unable to be speak up for themselves

Improve self confidence and body awareness

By addressing the root of the problem, you can resolve internal conflicts regarding self-worth and acceptance that cause negative self-talk

Improve your emotional resilience and coherence

By increasing resilience and integrating the excess charge of intense unresolved emotions from stressful and traumatic memories, you no longer feel overwhelmed

Balance your nervous system

As you become more balanced, you become less hypervigilant, and you naturally feel more peace, calm, and happiness

Resolve gut-brain imbalance and panic attacks

Retore vagus nerve tone and resolve related body symtoms
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Results don't wear off because you're not targeting symptoms or chemical imbalances.

You're allowing yourself to heal. Deeply.

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Why choose SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching over therapy? 

Rapid, lasting transformational results.

People find themselves stuck for a number of reasons, including feeling overwhelmed by sadness, fear, anger, and numbness.  These feelings are often compounded by negative self-talk, which can really have a paralyzing effect on motivation and social engagement.
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Compare the Costs & Benefits



  • Home based
  • Online
  • Holistic
  • Start feeling better after 1-2 sessions
  • Wean off meds
  • Increase emotional resilience
  • Lasting results
  • Treatment Time: 1-3 months
  • Treats the underlying issues


$11,000+ maintenance

  • Office based
  • Maintenance treatments required
  • Notice improvements after 15 treatments
  • Can cause seizures
  • Contraindicated if you have metal implants or clips
  • Treatment Time: 5x/week for at total of 30+ sessions
  • Booster treatments needed
  • Does not treat the underlying issues


$3000-6500 per series + maintenance

  • Office based
  • Maintentnce treatments required
  • Does not treat the underlying issues
  • Requires countinuous medical monitoring
  • Most clinics do not provide integration
  • Treatment Time: 6-8 weekly sessions plus integrations sessions and booster treatments at additional cost
  • Does not treat the underlying issues


$1500-2000/+ mainenance

  • Office based
  • May or may not help PTSD
  • Goal is reduction (not resolution) of symptoms
  • Some serious side effects possible
  • May wear off in 3-6 months
  • Treatment time: 1 hour
  • Does not treat the underlying issues



  • Office based
  • Results vary
  • No standard of care
  • Not currently available
  • Additional treatments may be needed
  • Typical Treatment Time: 6-10 weeks
  • Early feedback shows some clients need repeat treatment 
  • Does not treat the underlying issues
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People on a serious quest to heal are looking for something new because traditional methods (talk therapy, CBT, EMDR, etc) fail to resolve their emotional triggers, despite years of sincere effort, time, and money, often with worsening symptoms over time.

SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching is the answer.

Trauma happens in the context of relationships, and a safe relationship is required to resolve the damaging effects. The virtual sessions and patent-pending sequences dismantle emotional blocks and make our approach the ideal solution to PTSD, anxiety, depression, excessive anger, emotional numbing/dissociation, and negative self-talk.
Our clients measure success by improvements in their relationships and productivity, not surveys. They naturally begin to establish safe boundaries, set personal goals, and move beyond places they've been stuck.

What our clients say...

"our relationship is better"
"happy for the first time"
"no longer stuck"
"doing the deep work"

Anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, negative self-talk

I thought I would never be able to have kids because I thought all I could teach them is how to be anxious. I told my mom I would consider it when my brain got fixed, but I didn't think that could happen. I believed I had a chemical imbalance that caused me to be anxious, and that there was no way to fix that. I had already been in therapy and on medications for 10 years. After 8 sessions of SLIP™ I no longer had panic attacks, anxiety or negative self-talk, and was able to wean off my anxiety meds.

Early childhood trauma, insecure mother bond, complex PTSD, depression

Thank you for establishing early on a place of safety. I know how stubborn I can be about opening up to healing my core wounds. I'm very guarded. You really stuck with me, and that means a lot to me. SB (After the 12 sessions)

Insecure father bond, depression, self-limiting beliefs

I was scared of being with my feelings and just the thought of exploring them seemed so challenging. I've spent a long time trying to avoid the intense pain. I've battled with how I react to it and with crisis. I feel like I journeyed into the unknown during the session, and felt like I could somehow explore those hard feelings without shaming myself for feeling. I appreciate the hell outta you Dr. Walker! You're incredible and are a healer. I'm recommending all my friends and fam to you. (After the 3rd session)

Early childhood sexual trauma, complex PTSD, negative self-talk

Hey I just want to lyk that yesterday was absolutely monumental for me. I am so grateful for all the work and time and love you've dedicated to this path. At age 39...knowing I [can heal has] been amazing. Thank you for holding my hand through that all. You're an absolute saint and my heart is so full of gratitude. (After the 2nd session)

Early childhood trauma, insecure mother bond, depression, low self-esteem

I have shifted from a place of constant and suffocating stress rooted in a sense of not having the resources necessary to handle stress, to a place that makes room for sadness and fear and uncertainty while maintaining a sense of tranquility and equanimity. 
And, in the simplest terms, I'm *here* almost all of the time, after having been in a state of near constant dissociation. (After 4 sessions)
BK, France

Early childhood sexual trauma, complex PTSD, low self-esteem

You cured my depression! I am able to set safe boundaries now with men, and have so much more energy than before. Thank you for helping me thrive when I felt like I was drowning. 

Complex PTSD, depression, negative self-talk

I went further than I thought possible. When you really open up life becomes complete magic. I am so much more deeply connected. Its pretty amazing! I’m experiencing a karmic shift through this work. With SLIP, you're able to work at depth that you can’t tap into on your own, because our minds create blocks. You really need someone who knows what they are doing to support you as you heal. We all deserve to experience this emotional freedom. 
(After 4 sessions)

Early childhood trauma, insecure parental bonds, complex PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs

I started SLIP™ a few days after being treated as an inpatient for suicidal thoughs. Life was overwhelming. I was amazed that after 2 or 3 sessions, I was already more stable than when I had been when I was in the hospital on high doses of medication. After 4 sessions I was able to feel lasting happiness for the first time. I would give 100 stars if I could. I strongly recommend SLIP™.
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Treat the problem,  not the symptoms.

Traditional therapy, simple mindfulness techniques, coping strategies and EMDR can block emotional healing and leave you triggered. Because they are language based, they focus on the description of traumatic experiences only, leaving the triggers, and survival reflexes intact.

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To be effective, the non-verbal aspects of emotional trauma must be processed and integrated.

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95% of our clients report feeling better after their first session

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98% of our clients report feeling better 6 months after SLIP™ coaching

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SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching is Inclusive 

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We are proud to work with people from diverse communities:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Education
  • Political
  • Military
  • Ethinic
  • Religious
  • Orientation

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Our only concern is helping your nervous system become more balanced.

SLIP™ principles and patent pending sequences help dismantle conscious and subconscious blocks so that people with diverse backgrounds and experiences can thrive, with the self confidence they need to navigate life and relationships with safely and greater satisfaction. 

Our clients come from recovery programs, inpatient hospitalization, years of ineffective traditional therapy, and sometimes as their first attempt to relieve their suffering and resolve the root causes of their emotional imbalances and finally clear the confusion and unsafe thoughts and feelings they have been coping with for years.

In fact, coping strategies used in CBT, EMDR, and other talk therapies often create blocks and prevent clients from addressing the root causes of their imbalances. Embodied therapies like breathwork, yoga, dance and other physical interventions are helpful, but are limited in their ability to help deeply held mental and emotional wounds.

We offer SLIP™ only, and CBD sessions for people under 21 years of age. Cannabis is only used where legal.

How To Enhance Your Somatic Resilience Sessions

CBD and Cannabis both increase relaxation and decrease inflammation in the body by binding to cellular receptors involving almost all your organs.  These receptors can be found in your brain, specifically in areas that process memory, survival reflexes, emotions, sensation and muscle relaxation, making them ideal for enhancing your somatic resilience coaching session.  They also decrease the fear response, and is helpful when working with difficult memories.

Ketamine prescriptions are used to increase neuroplasticity (new brain cell to cell connections) in a similar way that learning does.  Using ketamine often helps get people moving even if they have been stuck for a long time and feel overwhelmed.

Pairing  SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching with these legal psychoactive substances increases the speed of resolving the emotional imbalances.

Used alone, CBD, cannabis,  and ketamine do not achieve the same results as when paired wtih SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching
. They are more likely to lead to short term relief requiring ongoing use to maintain their effect. Alone, they do not produce the lasting self-empowerment SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching clients enjoy. 
  • Ketamine is an FDA approved medication that is making headlines for it's ability to help people improve even treatment resistant depression.  Other psychedelics are not currently legal, however, and without proper enrollment in a medical study (the only legal access currently), use can lead to dangerous experiences and legal jeopardy.  
  • The effects of cannabis and oral ketamine last 1-2 hours. Other psychedelics have effects that last 6 hours or longer. Shorter sessions are easier to schedule and more affordable. It is estimated that MDMA and psilocybin therapy will cost in the range of $10,000-20,000, and require 2 therapists and over 6 hours each session.
  • SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching is effective alone, however, combining CBD, cannabis or ketamine with the therapy often accelerates balancing the nervous system, and increasing resilience using the unique SLIP™ Somatic Resilience building protocols.
  • CBD full spectrum products provide the same beneficial non-psychoactive components in cannabis. People who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC receive the same benefits from the cannabanoids and terpenes in CBD.

We choose a holistic approach to "mental and emotional wellness."

The traditional paradigm of mental health care leaves people feeling stereotyped, frustrated, marginalized, overmedicated, and burdened with side effects. They often resort to other methods to cope and achieve any level of symptom relief. The pressure of suppressing symptoms through "coping" strategies leads to overwhelm and dissociation.

SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching focuses on building emotional resilience and resolving deep emotional wounds rather than suppressing symptoms.

Not in CA or UT?

If you live outside of CA or UT we offer SLIP™ only and CBD enhanced sessions.  If you have a local prescriber that supports healing your emotional wounds, refer them to our training program. Become an affilitate, and earn up to $500 when they enroll in our interactive evidence based training program.

Cannabis, Ketamine and CBD Assisted Sessions

Cannabis, ketamine, and CBD are used because they are highly effective and legally available now in most of the United States.  They each have a short duration of effect, and when combined with SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching strategies, they accelerate balancing the nervous system. 

Both cannabis, ketamine, and CBD help create a dream like state where the intrusive verbal, logical, controlling part of the brain can become more quiescent, and deeper subconscious emotional wounds can heal and be integrated, eliminating their intense charge.

Do you Qualify?

To use cannabis and ketamine, clients must have legal access or a prescription.  CBD and non-medicated sessions are available everywhere.

"The best therapy for PTSD, depression and anxiety."

Our clients consistently and enthusiastically describe making more progress during their first SLIP™ session, than they have after years of talk therapy, CBT, EMDR, and while taking mental health medications.

Some have tried other psychedelics, and ketamine without therapy, but remained troubled by their deep emotional wounds. Even these cases were dramatically improved by SLIP™.

Considering a Sitter?

Some people have tried psychedelics with sitters who lack proper training and understanding of harm reduction and how the emotional system heals.

Why risk jail time and reputation loss to feel better and still be inadequately treated, not to mention the significant risk of abuse that often occurs in the unregulated underground psychedelic scene?

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Course Director
Background: Stanford University School of Medicine
Founder: SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching

Mignon Walker MD

Dr. Walker is a Stanford educated physician transitioning her practice from general medice to the highly satisfying work of being a full-time emotional resilience coach. Nothing is more rewarding than being part of the transformational growth and empowerment people achieve when they release the toxic emotions and habits that keep them stuck, and enjoy a more satisfying life. 

SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching is the optimal biohacking tool for achieving sustainable emotional resilience and easier access to peak performance flow states. Our proprietary protocols are ideal for supporting your nervous system as you eradicate your negative self-talk, while healing your emotional wounds and rebooting your self-worth.

Emotional resilience is the cornerstone of sustained happiness, health, longevity, and peak mental function. SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching is at the forefront of nurturing this critical aspect of well-being. Resilience is the key that unlocks deep emotional intelligence, spontaneous goal and boundary setting, unwavering self-assurance, coherent relationships, peak flow states that lift you to higher levels of personal performance.

Join me on this exhilarating journey to your most resilient and empowered self.
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