SLIP™ with  Emotional Resilience Building Sequences

  • Learn tranformational healing sequences for people suffering with unresolved fear, sadness, anger, numbness, and negative self-talk.

  • Fortify your integration style with between session exercises that get clients faster results

  • Work safely with clients using medically prescribed psychedelic medicines that enhance the healing process, including ketamine, cannabis, and CBD.

An interactive experiental online course designed to take your practice to the next level.
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The Future of Emotional Wellness

SLIP™ patent pending emotional reslience building sequences rapidly improve resilience, allowing clients to quickly feel less stressed in work, family, school, and personal relationships, while being more present, creative, joyful alnd self-confident. Our unique approach helps eliminate negative self talk by healing the underlying core belief wounds. It's like getting a fresh start on life, regardless of past difficult and traumatic experiences. 

Quickly improve your  clients' emotional wellbeing 

Legal Pyschedelic Therapy Available Now

Community & Practice Management Support

Results you can expect...

"...cured my depresson"
"doing the deep work"
"no longer stuck"
"happy for the first time"
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Client Testimonials

Anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, negative self-talk

I thought I would never be able to have kids because I thought all I could teach them is how to be anxious. I told my mom I would consider it when my brain got fixed, but I didn't think that could happen. I believed I had a chemical imbalance that caused me to be anxious, and that there was no way to fix that. I had already been in therapy and on medications for 10 years. After 8 sessions of SLIP™ I no longer had panic attacks, anxiety or negative self-talk, and was able to wean off my anxiety meds.

Early childhood trauma, insecure mother bond, complex PTSD, depression

Thank you for establishing early on a place of safety. I know how stubborn I can be about opening up to healing my core wounds. I'm very guarded. You really stuck with me, and that means a lot to me. SB (After the 12 sessions)

Insecure father bond, depression, self-limiting beliefs

I was scared of being with my feelings and just the thought of exploring them seemed so challenging. I've spent a long time trying to avoid the intense pain. I've battled with how I react to it and with crisis. I feel like I journeyed into the unknown during the session, and felt like I could somehow explore those hard feelings without shaming myself for feeling. I appreciate the hell outta you Dr. Walker! You're incredible and are a healer. I'm recommending all my friends and fam to you. (After the 3rd session)

Early childhood sexual trauma, complex PTSD, negative self-talk

Hey I just want to lyk that yesterday was absolutely monumental for me. I am so grateful for all the work and time and love you've dedicated to this path. At age 39...knowing I [can heal has] been amazing. Thank you for holding my hand through that all. You're an absolute saint and my heart is so full of gratitude. (After the 2nd session)

Early childhood trauma, insecure mother bond, depression, low self-esteem

I have shifted from a place of constant and suffocating stress rooted in a sense of not having the resources necessary to handle stress, to a place that makes room for sadness and fear and uncertainty while maintaining a sense of tranquility and equanimity. 
And, in the simplest terms, I'm *here* almost all of the time, after having been in a state of near constant dissociation. (After 4 sessions)
BK, France

Early childhood sexual trauma, complex PTSD, low self-esteem

You cured my depression! I am able to set safe boundaries now with men, and have so much more energy than before. Thank you for helping me thrive when I felt like I was drowning. 

Complex PTSD, depression, negative self-talk

I went further than I thought possible. When you really open up life becomes complete magic. I am so much more deeply connected. Its pretty amazing! I’m experiencing a karmic shift through this work. With SLIP, you're able to work at depth that you can’t tap into on your own, because our minds create blocks. You really need someone who knows what they are doing to support you as you heal. We all deserve to experience this emotional freedom. 
(After 4 sessions)

Early childhood trauma, insecure parental bonds, complex PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs

I started SLIP™ a few days after being treated as an inpatient for suicidal thoughs. Life was overwhelming. I was amazed that after 2 or 3 sessions, I was already more stable than when I had been when I was in the hospital on high doses of medication. After 4 sessions I was able to feel lasting happiness for the first time. I would give 100 stars if I could. I strongly recommend SLIP™.

Case Studies

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What other practitioners say.

I am thrilled about the exclusive content and overall course design. Therapists need this level of education and support. 

Marshall Lamm, Counselor, CMHC

I wish this course was available when I got started.

Jenna Karlis, LCSW


 Working With Psychedelics

Psychedelics are on the forefront of treating mental health because of the dramatic results they have demonstrated clinically. Most of the studies have been done on ketamine, psillocybin, and MDMA.  Af the three only ketamine is legal, affordable, and currently accessible through a licensed ketamine prescriber. 
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SLIP™ was created to work with legal psychedelics, and has evolved to a powerful stand alone healing modality with the addition of the emotional resilience building sequences.  We achieve comparable results with traditional psychedelic therapies using only ketamine, cannabis, CBD, and unmedicated, with much less risk and expense.
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MDMA is expected to be legalized in the coming years, but is estimated that MDMA therapy will cost over $15,000 for a series of treatments, require 2 therapists to administer, take over 6 hours per treatment, seperate integration sessions, and require regulatory hoops to access. 
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Ketamine, cannabis, and CBD, can be legally accessed now in the majority of states with a high level of cultural acceptance and an excellent safety profile. In addition, more states and the federal government are considering how to design their cannabis legislation for legalization in the near future.
Depending on how it is used, cannabis can have clinical effects similar to MDMA, DMT, and psilocybin, but with an active window of 1.5 hours instead of 6 hours or more. Cannabis also leaves the client in a dream like state of consciousness, but lucid during therapy to reduce risk.
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Cannabis is a psychedelic secret weapon. Due to poorly designed studies and limited research on cannabis as a psychotherapy tool, it's value in the therapeutic space has largely been overlooked.  This leaves a large untapped market for practitioners trained in the highly effective SLIP™ protocol where cannabis is available legally.
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In the United States, cannabis has been used for symptomatic relief for a range of medical conditions.  When paired with SLIP™, it helps resolve deep core belief wounds, early childhood developmental wounds, attachment wounds, anger, dissociation, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Even people who have used cannabis extensively for years are surprised to find how different it is when combined with the deep heeling principles of SLIP™. 
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Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic used off label outside of anesthesia. The World Health Organization considers ketamine an essential medicine. Ketamine is safe and effective in low doses for treatment resistant depression and is used in emergency rooms around the world to treat people who are suicidal. We have novel protocols for ketamine that amplify it's effect as a therapeutic aid, and have more transformational results than revenue driven IV clinics carrying much greater risk and a requirement for physician supervision and monitoring.
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The market for legal psychedelic therapies is high on demand, and low on experienced providers who have the training to offer these treatments because they lack access to prescribing clinicians and the proper skills. Some well meaning people have turned to underground courses taught by sketchy people that work illegally with no safeguards.
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Our model allows practitioners to conduct virtual sessions with clients who are using legal psychedelic medicine, working in a collaborative model with prescribers.  It also allows for easy practice coverage and easy internal referrals within the SLIP™ community. easy practice coverage and easy internal referrals within the SLIP™ community. 
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FAQs About SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Training

How do I know if I will benefit from this training?

If your clients are in therapy for more than 3 months without:
  • significant improvement
  • resolution of symptoms and negative self-talk
  • naturally forming safe boundaries
  • beginning to wean off their medications
  • improving intrinsic motivation

You and your clients will benefit from this training.

Do I have to pay the tuition all up front?

Yes. You can make payment arrangements throuh Klarna, or apply for a need based scholarship through Global Trauma Reset, a mental health nonprofit. The tuition must be paid in full to begin the course. 

Are tuition expenses tax deductible?

Yes.  The cost of the training will lower your taxible income. A reciept for your tuition expenses will be provided. For more details, check with your bookkeeper or accountant.

Will I be able to implement the skills immediately after graduating?

Yes.  You will have ample practice hours during the course to develop confidence and experience. Tutoring hours are available if needed during the course to ensure mastery of the principles.

Do the course include practice support?

Yes!!! Included in the course is a section on practice building strategies, and you will have the option of signing up with our marketing instructor to implement a digital marketing strategy that will build your practice so that you can launch your new skills with a waiting list!

Why we're the ideal learning platform for practitioners wanting to master emotional resilience building.

Our tested, science based methods get rapid results. Your clients will be a source of referrals for you based on their enthusiastic testimonials.

We provide high quality interactive online training including patent pending methods that are ethical, affordable, legal, culturally relevant, and easily accessible for people of all community types and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our interactive online emotional resilience building course provides an experience based understanding of how emotions heal, and how you can help your clients resolve deep emotional wounds while building their self-confidence.
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Course Director
Background: Stanford University School of Medicine
Founder: SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Building

Mignon Walker MD

Emotional wellness became my personal passion during the intensly stressful COVID epidemic. It became painfully clear how stress and overwhelm were at the root of broken relationships and increasing mental health struggles.  With this in mind, I developed the patent pending healing sequences used in SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Building with the hopes traiing enough people in this transformational technique, to have a significant impact on the future of mental health.   

Using these powerful principles and techniques, people quickly improve the quality of their lives as they break through emotional blocks and negative thought loops.

Healing deep emotional wounds has a positive ripple affect on each client and the people in their lives. I routinely see generational traumas heal, people becoming more present and loving while they gain the confidence, clarity, and self-compassion that will carry them far and on a more enjoyable path in life. 

My goal is to significantly increase the amount of emotionally resilient people on this planet. I believe this is the fastest and most significant way to positively impact humanity and to relieve suffering. 

If you are interested in receiving a private online session or in training with me, click on a button below.  I look forward to connecting with you.
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