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Begin healing your core belief wounds, deeply rooted emotional wounds, sadness, anger, fear, and dissociation that get stuck, accumulate, and cause stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD. 

Even the first 60-90 minute virtual SLIP™ session can be life changing.

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Address your problems, not your symptoms.

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Why is it called SLIP™?

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SLIP™ stands for Somato-Limbic Integrative Processing™.  It means allowing for healing in a way that integrates your body sensations with the emotional control centers of your brain. The limbic system files and retrieves memories, establishes emotional states, and links the conscious, intellectual functions of the brain's cortex with the unconscious, automatic functions of the brain stem (heart rate, breathing rate, digestion, sweating,  blinking, etc). 

SLIP™ interacts with the limbic 
system to facilitate deep emotional healing.
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Our patent pending process is the most effective we have found for healing deep emotional wounds and building resilience in the nervous system.

Let's find out if SLIP™ can help with your core issues.

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Course Director
Background: Stanford University School of Medicine
Founder: SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching

Mignon Walker MD

Emotional resilience became my personal passion during the intensly stressful COVID epidemic. It became painfully clear how stress and overwhelm were at the root of broken relationships and increasing mental health struggles. With this in mind, I developed the patent pending healing sequences used in SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching.   

My goal is to increase the number of emotionally resilient people on this planet. This is the fastest and most significant way I can positively impact humanity and to relieve the greatest amount of suffering. 

If you are interested in receiving a private online session or in training with me, reach out.  I look forward to connecting with you.
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