SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Building Exercises

These exercises were designed and chosen to help you increase your focus, emotional balance, and resilience. Each builds on shifting from stuck places to increase your access to healing and peak mental and emotional performance.

SLIP™ MindFlow Healing & Peak Performance Exercises

Use for overall emotional wellness, and between psychedelic or traditional therapy sessions to improve the integration and deepen the healing.

Build emotional resilience.

Improve focus and flow.

Benefits of improving your mental flow state.

As your nervous system begins to function better, the resilience exercises help you improve your mood.

Improved productivity

Improved learning speed

Improved creativity and
 cognitive ability
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Easy & Convenient

The best way to stay engaged is to follow the exercises using your phone.  That way you can get the best out of stacking the exercises for maximal benefit.

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Course Director
Background: Stanford University School of Medicine
Founder: SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching

Mignon Walker MD

Emotional resilience became my personal passion during the intensly stressful COVID epidemic. It became painfully clear how stress and overwhelm were at the root of broken relationships and increasing mental health struggles. With this in mind, I developed the patent pending healing sequences used in SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching.   

My goal is to increase the number of emotionally resilient people on this planet. This is the fastest and most significant way I can positively impact humanity and to relieve the greatest amount of suffering. 

If you are interested in receiving a private online session or in training with me, reach out.  I look forward to connecting with you.
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