Become a SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coach

Become a SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coach and take your practice to the next level! 

SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches:

  • Empower Others: SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches empower their clients in a way that is lasting and not hype based. Your clients will have deeply impactful embodied learning during the sessions allowing them to develop the skills and tools needed to navigate life's challenges with strength and resilience.

  • Facilitate Healing: Many people become somatic resilience coaches because they have experienced the healing power of somatic practices in their own lives. They want to share these transformative techniques with others to promote healing and growth.

  • Holistic Approach: SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches takes a holistic approach to well-being, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of a person's life. Coaches are drawn to this integrated approach, recognizing that healing the mind, body, and emotions is interconnected.

  • Personal Growth: Becoming a coach often involves personal growth and self-discovery. Coaches continually deepen their understanding of somatic practices, which can lead to their own personal development and well-being.

  • Help Clients Thrive: SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches witness their clients' rapid growth and transformation. It's deeply rewarding to see individuals thrive, develop resilience, and achieve their goals with the guidance and support of their SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coach.

  • Contribution to Well-Being: The level of overwelm people experience is so significant, that they are looking for more meaningful ways to heal the wounds that keep them stuck and frustrated. SLIP™ Resilience Coaching helps balance the nervous system so that people can sleep better, get along better, and reach levels of peak performance previously unobtainable. They progress from healing to thriving in a way that boosts their overall mental and physical health.

  • Continuous Learning: Somatic resilience coaching is a dynamic field with ongoing research and innovation. SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches enjoy the opportunity for continuous learning, staying updated with the latest developments in deep healing somatic practices.

  • Flexible and Autonomous: SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches have the flexibility to create their own schedules and work independently. This autonomy allows them to create a work-life balance that aligns with their values and lifestyle.

  • Meaningful Career: being a somatic resilience coach is an opportunity to make a positive and transformational impact on the lives of others while earning 6 figure compensation doing something that you love.

An interactive experiental online course designed to take your practice to the next level.
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The Future of Emotional Wellness

SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaching is not "therapy" although many find it therapeutic.  SLIP™ Coaches don't diagnose and treat, although many clients report a resolution of their diagnoses as they become more resilient.  SLIP™ Somatic Coaches do not provide coping strategies or advice, and are not accountability partners.  SLIP™ Coaches do not program.

We do one thing, and we do it better than everyone else. We work at a deeper level, creating the correct environment that allows clients to resolve the roots of their emotional and self-belief wounds that create negative self-talk, emotional brain fog, paralyzing fear/anger/sadness, and other types of stress related overwhelm that prevent our clients from achieving their personal and professional goals. 

SLIP™ Somatic Resilience Coaches identify where people are blocked and support them through the process of healing the underlying wounds that create those blocks. Once a person is more resilient, they find they don't need therapy, advice, or accountability partners. They are empowered and clear, with the side benefit of being more motivated, and capable of setting and acheiving their goals. 

We invite you to learn our ground breaking methods that will have you clients exceling in ways they could not have even imagined when they were stuck.

Our unique approach will help you acheive your own personal goals of working with others in a way that has a significant and life-changing impact for people who are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, unclear, unmotivated, and stuck in negative thought loops and self-sabotaging behaviors. There is nothing like the feeling of facilitating breakthrough experiences that lead to new levels of productivity, empowerment, and bliss for your clients.

Learn to work with the 5 root emotions and deep core belief wounds to acheive lasting embodied emotional balance and resilience.

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Quickly improve your  clients' emotional wellbeing 

Optimize your peak performance as a coach

Get Community & Practice Management Support

Results you can expect...

"...cured my depresson"
"doing the deep work"
"no longer stuck"
"happy for the first time"
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Client Testimonials

Anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, negative self-talk

I thought I would never be able to have kids because I thought all I could teach them is how to be anxious. I told my mom I would consider it when my brain got fixed, but I didn't think that could happen. I believed I had a chemical imbalance that caused me to be anxious, and that there was no way to fix that. I had already been in therapy and on medications for 10 years. After 8 sessions of SLIP™ I no longer had panic attacks, anxiety or negative self-talk, and was able to wean off my anxiety meds.

Early childhood trauma, insecure mother bond, complex PTSD, depression

Thank you for establishing early on a place of safety. I know how stubborn I can be about opening up to healing my core wounds. I'm very guarded. You really stuck with me, and that means a lot to me. SB (After the 12 sessions)

Insecure father bond, depression, self-limiting beliefs

I was scared of being with my feelings and just the thought of exploring them seemed so challenging. I've spent a long time trying to avoid the intense pain. I've battled with how I react to it and with crisis. I feel like I journeyed into the unknown during the session, and felt like I could somehow explore those hard feelings without shaming myself for feeling. I appreciate the hell outta you Dr. Walker! You're incredible and are a healer. I'm recommending all my friends and fam to you. (After the 3rd session)

Early childhood sexual trauma, complex PTSD, negative self-talk

Hey I just want to lyk that yesterday was absolutely monumental for me. I am so grateful for all the work and time and love you've dedicated to this path. At age 39...knowing I [can heal has] been amazing. Thank you for holding my hand through that all. You're an absolute saint and my heart is so full of gratitude. (After the 2nd session)

Early childhood trauma, insecure mother bond, depression, low self-esteem

I have shifted from a place of constant and suffocating stress rooted in a sense of not having the resources necessary to handle stress, to a place that makes room for sadness and fear and uncertainty while maintaining a sense of tranquility and equanimity. 
And, in the simplest terms, I'm *here* almost all of the time, after having been in a state of near constant dissociation. (After 4 sessions)
BK, France

Early childhood sexual trauma, complex PTSD, low self-esteem

You cured my depression! I am able to set safe boundaries now with men, and have so much more energy than before. Thank you for helping me thrive when I felt like I was drowning. 

Complex PTSD, depression, negative self-talk

I went further than I thought possible. When you really open up life becomes complete magic. I am so much more deeply connected. Its pretty amazing! I’m experiencing a karmic shift through this work. With SLIP, you're able to work at depth that you can’t tap into on your own, because our minds create blocks. You really need someone who knows what they are doing to support you as you heal. We all deserve to experience this emotional freedom. 
(After 4 sessions)

Early childhood trauma, insecure parental bonds, complex PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs

I started SLIP™ a few days after being treated as an inpatient for suicidal thoughs. Life was overwhelming. I was amazed that after 2 or 3 sessions, I was already more stable than when I had been when I was in the hospital on high doses of medication. After 4 sessions I was able to feel lasting happiness for the first time. I would give 100 stars if I could. I strongly recommend SLIP™.

Case Studies & General Info

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What other practitioners say.

I am thrilled about the exclusive content and overall course design. Therapists need this level of education and support. 

Marshall Lamm, Counselor, CMHC

I wish this course was available when I first got started.

Jenna Karlis, LCSW


FAQs About SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Training

How do I know if I will benefit from this training?

The SLIP Somatic Resilience Coach Training Program uniquely focuses on helping you balance your own nervous system.  We firmly believe that wounded coaches can are limited in their effectiveness by their own triggers and wounds.

Not only will you learn our patent pending healing techniques, but you will experience them first hand.  Even if you don't feel you have significant emotional or core belief wounds, you will benefit from the experiential learning process that provides deeper insight into how to most effectively coach your clients.

Do I have to pay the tuition all up front?

Yes. You can make payment arrangements throuh Klarna, or apply for a need based scholarship through Global Trauma Reset, a mental health nonprofit. The tuition must be paid in full to begin the course. 

Are tuition expenses tax deductible?

Yes.  The cost of the training will lower your taxible income. A reciept for your tuition expenses will be provided. For more details, check with your bookkeeper or accountant.

Will I be able to implement the skills immediately after graduating?

Yes.  You will have ample practice hours during the course to develop confidence and experience. Tutoring hours are available if needed during the course to ensure mastery of the principles. After graduation, you will have lifetime access to support and mentoring through as long as you are an active license holder.

Do the course include practice support?

The course includes a module on practice building strategies, and you will have the option of signing up with our marketing instructor to implement a digital marketing strategy that will build your practice so that you can launch your new skills with a waiting list!

Why we're the ideal learning platform for practitioners wanting to master emotional resilience coaching.

Our tested, science based methods get rapid results. Your clients will be a source of referrals for you based on their enthusiastic testimonials.

We provide high quality interactive online training including patent pending methods that are ethical, affordable, legal, culturally relevant, and easily accessible for people of all community types and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our interactive online somatic resilience building course provides an experience based understanding of how emotions heal, and how you can help your clients resolve deep emotional wounds while building their self-confidence.
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Course Director
Background: Stanford University School of Medicine
Founder: SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching

Mignon Walker MD

Dr. Walker is a Stanford trained physician transitioning her practice from general medice to the transformative work of being a full-time emotional resilience coach. Nothing is more satisfying than being part of the transformational growth and empowerment people achieve when they release the toxic emotions and habits that keep them stuck, and move on to a more satisfying life where they are able to reach their physical and emotional wellness goals.

SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching is the optimal biohacking tool for achieving sustainable emotional resilience and easier access to peak performance flow states, as it works with your nervous system design to help you eradicate your critical thoughts and negative self-talk, while rebooting your self-worth.

Emotional resilience is the cornerstone of sustained happiness, health, longevity, and peak mental function. SLIP™ Emotional Resilience Coaching is at the forefront of nurturing this critical aspect of well-being. Resilience is the key that unlocks deep emotional intelligence, spontaneous goal and boundary setting, unwavering self-assurance, coherent relationships, and the kind of peak mental performance that lifts you to higher levels of satisfaction in academia, business, athletics, creative endeavors, and/or personal development. Join me on this exhilarating journey to your most resilient and empowered self.

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